“Emirates Pediatric Dentistry Club – EPDC”


“Each child in UAE has a fundamental right to his complete oral health care”


The Emirates Pediatric Dentistry Club has a dutiful obligation to ensure that all children living in UAE receive high-quality and accessible oral health care.



1. EPDC would be a membership organization specifically concerned with the oral health of all children in UAE & aims to improve oral health in children and encourage the highest standards of clinical dental care.

2. The club would serve as an advocate for children’s oral health and for the professionals involved in delivery of oral care.

3. It would formulate policies and guidelines that promote optimal oral health care for children in the age group from birth through adolescence along with special health care need children.

4. It would comprise of members from University and Hospital Pediatric Dental Departments, Pediatric Dental Practice (both public & private sector) and General Dental Practice, who serve as a primary care providers for infants, children, adolescents and patients with special health care needs.



1. It will be a liaison to the other health care groups – Emirates Medical Association, Emirates Dental Society and the public for delivery of the best oral care for children.

2. It would provide continuing dental education programs regularly for pediatric dentists and general dentists treating children.

3. The club would also promote research and teaching in order to advance scientific frontiers in pediatric dentistry and develop a future workforce and effective leadership.

4. It would promote optimal oral health and disease prevention for all children with comprehensive dental care both at professional level and family level.

5. The organization would work towards providing optimal oral health care to children through science, education, research and evidence-based care.

6. Together with public sector, it would endeavor in establishing oral health preventive care programs to prevent and reduce prevalence of dental diseases in children of UAE.

7. Oral health priorities for treating children would be identified and achieved.



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